In the Summer of 2015, the Parochial Church Councils in both Willington and Hunwick set out to draw up a strategic plan for mission and growth over the next five years.

This was a new experience for many members of the PCC and having concentrated so much energy over recent years in survival rather than growth, we had to take a step back and look honestly at ourselves.
What we saw was not entirely comfortable but we recognised that our hearts and faith were, more or less, in the right place. We needed to grow more as disciples of Christ so that we are more equipped to undertake the mission to which we are called.
It also become much clearer that the mission of Jesus Christ is about serving others rather than just growing our own faith.

With this in mind, each PCC has set itself goals and actions to move towards achieving those goals. Each PCC has produced a leaflet sharing its thought and aspirations and we ask the congregations and the parishioners of Willington and Hunwick to get behind the PCC's vision and give it your full support.

In the summer of 2016 we re-visited these plans and assess our progress, adjusting our action plans as necessary.

You can download the updated leaflets here:

Willington 2020 Vision Leaflet

Hunwick 2020 Vision Leaflet

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